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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

When it rains it pours...

Ok...I mainly use this blog for "business" and fun freebies. Well, today I need to poor babies are so sick. The DRAMA started Friday when I went to G's *my oldest son* school to give him some medicine b/c he was having problems with his allergies/asthma. I walk into the cafeteria and he turns around to look at me and his right eye is full of nasty yellow/green gunk...OMG it's PINK EYE! So, I take him home and start him on antibiotics ASAP. Then he starts to get a fever, not just a little 99.5 fever, but it was over 103 and all he wanted was to go to sleep...and he did, after Tylenol of course.

Now it's Saturday...both kids are now running fever and G still has a nasty eye. Thankfully L *my youngest* doesn't have pink eye yet. So...we deal with the fevers all through the day and into the night. Meanwhile G's asthma is not too he is pumped full of steroids.

Sunday...G wanted to go fishing BAD and had been waiting all week. So...he goes and all hell breaks loose...he is stung by a wasp *he is allergic* and my husband doesn't have the epipen, but does have benadryl and gives him a dose...then come the ant bites...and worse yet, a tick on his "well you know". Pink eye has now started in the other eye and the asthma is still bad. BUT...after all that he caught a HUGE catfish and was so happy.......made it all worth it. L now mind you is still running fevers and has so much snot that I had to open another box of kleenex. sign of pink eye.

Now yesterday...both boys have fevers, coughing and a sore throat! So I pack them in the to the doc *an hour away* while they poke a HUGE qtip down their throats to give me the news I already knew.....STREP, BOTH OF THEM! Nice....

So, they are on antibiotics and G continues having problems with asthma today. He has stayed home from school now 2 days and I am not too sure if he will be going tomorrow either. He has lost his voice *not such a bad thing* and L is getting that mean I am going to have some quiet??????

My husband and I have not slept in days...we are beat.

Thanks for the vent....back to your regularly scheduled program.......................LOL!


sara l. said...

Gosh...Yall ARE having a rough go at it, huh? Sorry to hear about all the sickness and bites! My little man had Strep back in October and it was YUCK! I REALLY feel for yall! Hope everyone is better soon and that Mommy and Daddy get some much needed sleep!

Vanessa said...

Thanks so much...tonight was very eventful to say the least. We ended up in the ER...not with his asthma so much it was viral croup and his throat was closing! So...he got an epi breathing treatment and a huge shot of steroids. He is better, but still gott watch him. Scary...even for Mommy nurse. Probably more so b/c of that!

sara l. said...

Wow...Goodness! Poor little thing! I bet it was scarier beings that you kinda know what's happening...Sometimes not knowing what's to come in those situations can be a blessing in disguise! Scary, Scary...I'll keep you all in my prayers!

Terri H said...

Okay, I have to admit, my kids never got pink eye as bad as what you described. At least your other one doesn't have it yet.

Have fun!

Thanks for joining the party.