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Thursday, July 3, 2008

A Day In My Life...

So...I thought I would share with you a "typical" day around here...just so you can get to know me.
I had a great agenda on my website all day in between every day Mommy life, send out a HUGE sale newsletter, place my bead order and work on my website again while the little "angel" slept. you can see from this picture he was obviously NOT taking a nap when I thought he was. What is that all over him you ask? Powder? NOPE! Lotion? NOPE! Flour? NOPE! It's diaper rash cream...and I mean the greasy kind, whole jar GONE. YEP...not a joy I tell ya.
Of course as any Mommy would I had to snap a few pictures to capture this "kodak moment". I threw him in the bath and scrubbed, scrubbed, and scrubbed....what did I end up with? One soft, greasy headed 2 year old that thinks it's hilarious!
So...being a WAHM is great, but there are also those days when you wish you worked OUTSIDE the home and left this kind of mess to a babysitter. LOL...
AND...notice the broken wood blind in the background? Yep...another day, another story.


allisonfrey said...

Oh Vanessa,

That is too funny, I have a friend that her husband was "suppose" to be watching the kids and they decided to lather up with

I bet that was fun to wash off, my youngest just plays in his poop. He takes off his diaper and makes wall art. It's SOOO pretty & smells wonderful!!


mamaof3 said...


My 2 year old Rachel climbed out of her crib a few months ago during nap time and dumped a whole box of corn starch all over her bedroom. I couldn't believe it because she was so so quiet! But her starch covered handprints were on everything she touched!

Amy Walch