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Sunday, February 3, 2008

Taking the day off...

My 5 year old is sick...yep, tis the season for...the dreaded flu. Despite getting a flu shot he still got sick. He has asthma and is on daily steroids making his immune system a little weak. So...Friday I had to pick him up from school and deal with fevers reaching over 104, not fun. Today he is starting to feel a little better, but continues to have a low grade fever of 100.6. I think he is staying home tomorrow, but we will see...he LOVES school and doesn't want to stay home. I don't feel I took the day off. I didn't do a thing, well, I did have to scrape hair gel out of my 2 year olds hair. And had to pick crayons out of his mouth. And chase after him to get him to keep his diaper on.......other than that I did nothing.

Tomorrow is another day...and hopefully I will feel better. There is not time for me to be sick.

I will also be giving away something...not sure what, but I am sure you will like it.

Until tomorrow...

1 comment:

sara said...

Sorry that you and your little man aren't feeling well...It's too bad Mommies can't take "sick" days!LOL! Hope that fever stays down and you're both better soon!